Jay-Z’s Concert Demands Include Vintage Car, High-End PB&J

As if waking up next to Beyonce Knowles wasn’t enough, the list of demands the 39-year-old rap entrepreneur Jay-Z provides to concert promoters mirrors the lavish life you would expect to see in one of his videos.

A list the rapper submitted for an April concert at the University of Arizona, posted on thesmokinggun.com, reads like a scavenger hunt for the rich and famous. Among the items requested include: a 1957 or 1962 model black Maybach with tinted windows to use as transportation while in town; absolute creative control of the production of the show; a tricked-out, 72-degree dressing room; six cans of Red Bull; a pack of Marlboro Lights; and “good quality” peanut butter and jelly.

Then there’s the liquor cabinet which specifically calls for Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, two bottles of $300 Champagne and two bottles of $200 Italian wine.

Doesn’t sound like such a hard knock life after all. (Photo: Splash News)

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