Jamie Spears Responds To Sam Lutfi’s Lawsuit

The ongoing legal circus surrounding Britney Spears continues as her dad, Jamie Spears has formally responded to Sam Lutfi‘s lawsuit against the Spears clan he filed. Sam’s lawsuit which was filed on February 3, 2009,  claims breach of contract, and jamie Spears has responded in court papers, “Defendant J. Spears denies generally each and every allegation of plaintiff’s unverified First Amended Complaint, and denies the Plaintiff has been injured or damaged in any degree, amount, or sums, or is entitled to any relief at all.”

Jamie asserts that if he did use force against Sam it was because, “J. Spears was privileged to use force in and about the matters complained of in the FAC, if any force was used, because he was provoked by plaintiff through his words or conduct.”

Jamie wants the lawsuit dismissed, and attorney’s fees awarded to Jamie for defending this action. A trial date has been tentatively set for March 8, 2010.

Click here to check out the court papers!

(Photo: Wenn)

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