EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bounty Hunter’s Crash; New Details

Duane “Dog” Chapman, the star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, was chasing a felon in Colorado on Monday night when the man’s car crashed and rolled over. The incident began when the man saw Chapman approaching on foot and stepped on the gas, forcing the bounty hunter to dive out of the way. Chapman’s wife Beth was also present and followed the man who ended up flipping his car after driving at to high of a speed.

Sgt. Jeff Strossner is also seen in the video giving a rundown of the incident- including one moment when the presence of Chapman and his crew possibly put the investigation in jeopardy!

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy or at least judicial ending yet. The perpetrator got away after escaping from his car after the crash and running through nearby fields. The 21-year old suspect Kelly Murphy is still loose- though with red hair and blue eyes, he seems like an easy target.

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