EXCLUSIVE: Twilight Singer Sam Bradley Vamps For Vampire Fans

Twilight singer Sam Bradley performed at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles last night and RadarOnline.com got to know him in an exclusive after concert interview.

Sam played a 50 minute set to the sold out crowd of uber fans! The crowd went wild as he played a variety of songs, singing along with the lyrics and cheering wildly for his new music. For his last song of the set Sam brought his mother Lee Lindsey onto the stage. Sam tells RadarOnline.com why he wanted to jam with his mom “You see, she’s always given me the stage so tonight I gave her the stage.”

Best know for his song “Never Think,” which he co-wrote with Rob Pattinson, the musician joked with RadarOnline.com about Rob, saying “I actually don’t know him.” Doesn’t know him? We know better and so do Twilight fans – the two musicians are actually bffs from London! But after a sweaty piece on stage we wanted to know – who smells worse? Sam diplomatically tells RadarOnline.com “I’ve never smelled Rob.”

Sam also tells RadarOnline.com that he “doesn’t know,” if there will be a song of his on the New Moon soundtrack, but don’t despair vampire fans – he reminds us that “there are four films” so maybe his new demos might get turned into songs and be in Breaking Dawn or Midnight Sun.

Watch as Sam Bradley jokes about Rob Pattinson, talks about what he does while not playing music and what he’d like to say to his loyal fans.

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