EXCLUSIVE: Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Counter-Sue Maid

Taking a cue from Victoria Principal, athlete Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are countersuing their housekeeper for charges she brought against the pair in March.

Sources confirm exclusively to RadarOnline.com that the baller is suing former maid Maria Jimenez for Breach of Contract, Breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.

“During the period of her employment, the Bryant family treated Jimenez with utmost respect,” the Bryant’s claim in the documents.

Jimenez previously claimed that Vanessa inflicted all kinds of distress on her during employment, with alleged acts like docking her salary for ruined designer clothing and making her handle dog feces.

The Bryant’s say Jimenez was treated like family–invited routinely to dine with the couple, even given a paid leave of absence with the gift of roundtrip airfare to her native Peru, where Jimenez visited family on the anniversary of her Mother’s death.

Jimenez’s March suit claimed wrongful discharge, emotional distress and unpaid wages.

The Bryant’s rely heavily on the maid’s non-disclosure agreement as basis to dismiss her charges, and as for the feces–the couple swiftly point out that dog droppings “are not specifically listed in the Hazardous Substance List” in California’s Labor Codes.


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