EXCLUSIVE: Friend Speaks Out With MORE Confirmation of Hasselhoff Alcohol Poisoning; Rep Speaks Out Too

The lies are all unraveling for David Hasselhoff.

Taken to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday, with a blood alcohol level of .39, the admitted alcoholic has been trying to deny the sad blockbuster report broken first by RadarOnline.com.

But as Hoff and his representatives tried to cover up the truth of the horrifying incident, their statements, unchallenged and printed by certain media outlets, have caused others who know the truth to speak out on the record.

First, attorney Robert Ackrich confirmed exclusively to RadarOnline.com on Tuesday that the Hoff had indeed been taken to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

And now, Lisa McCarty, a friend of Hoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach is also confirming the incident exclusively to RadarOnline.com. And in addition to McCarty, Bach’s spokesperson has also issued a statement. First, Lisa’s no-holds-barred comments.

McCarty has been friends with Bach for 30 years and came to her defense after Hasselfhoff’s representatives, instead of dealing with their client’s severe alcohol problem, dragged Bach into the situation, claiming she was behind the supposedly exaggerated reports.  Blaming Bach and hiding the truth so angered her friend Lisa that she told RadarOnline.com the following:

“Here’s a tragic incident–as correctly reported by RadarOnline.com–where a daughter and an ex-wife who has been through a bitter divorce save the life of this man as he’s near-death from alcohol poisoning. And in return Pamela Bach gets thundering threats from David’s people threatening to sue her! Where’s the gratitude?”

“Reporting this incident where David had a .39 blood-alcohol reading might finally shock him to his senses, they feel.”

Lisa, a Dallas-based interior decorator added: “Hayley (their 16-year-old daughter) and Bach love David very much and want to see him live. They have lived through too many of these frightening blood alcohol poisoning incidents to know David’s life is in grave jeopardy.”

“This event was major. To say he just had a drink and went to the hospital is ridiculous.”

Addressing the Hasselfhoff team’s bizarre public relations strategy of blaming Bach for the news reports, Lisa told RadarOnline.com:  “Bach did not talk to any press about this. Any statements she was the ‘leak’ to Radar and the ensuing legal threats from Hasselhoff’s attorneys against her as ‘the leak’ are unfounded.”

Lisa McCarty isn’t the only one apparently fed up with the Hoff’s disinformation campaign and failure to take responsibility for his actions. The Hoff was driven to the hospital by Bach after he was found unconscious by daughter Hayley. Now Bach’s spokesperson, Dominic Friesen, issued this statement to RadarOnline.com:

“Despite attempts by her ex-husband’s lawyers to divert attention from the hospitalization of David and undermining Bach’s life-saving involvement, she maintains her ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of the entire family. Differences aside, she responded bravely to the crisis and continues to request privacy during this difficult time.”

(Photo: Splash News)

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