Elizabeth Edwards Comments On John's Baby Mama Drama

Elizabeth Edwards, the cancer-stricken wife of ex-presidential candidate John Edwards, appeared on The View Tuesday to discuss the awkward possibility her politician husband might have gotten his mistress pregnant — and said she would not leave him even if he had.

“If the whole issue would go away, I’d be perfectly happy. Somebody is obviously the father,” she said, not mentioning the name of the woman (videographer Rielle Hunter). “The fact doesn’t change the relationship with my husband.”

Edwards, who called Hunter “pathetic” in her recently-released memoirs, double-talked around the unsightly paternity issue.

“I don’t know whose child this is. I think that’s probably the reason there is no father written on the birth certificate, I understand. Whoever the father is, they’re going to have to have to deal with the fact that they have this child. From my perspective… my relationship with my husband is not changed by this.”

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