Demi Lovato’s Fan Moment with Winona

Demi Lovato may have her fair share of rabid fans, but the teen queen isn’t immune to ogling her celebrity idols. On a recent flight, the usually outgoing Lovato had an attack of shyness when she stumbled upon a favorite actress.

“P.S. TOTALLY SAW WINONA RYDER ON MY FLIGHT!” she wrote excitedly on her Twitter page. “But I was too embarrassed to say hi…but I did stare like a crazy person!”

As for what Lovato was hoping to say:  “HI YOU’RE MY FAVORITE ACTRESS I SAY IT IN EVERY INTERVIEW!!!”

But, instead, the singer admits, “I just walked RIGHT passed her…Hahahaha. Mannn… … Oh well.”


(Photo: Splash)

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