Clay Aiken Apologies to Adam Lambert

As Clay Aiken surely knows, hell hath no fury like American Idol fans scorned.

The crooner and father took to his official site Friday to apologize to current Idol runner-up Adam Lambert and his army of glam fans for some nasty singer-on-singer criticism.

In a previous entry, Aiken said Lambert’s competition performance of “Ring of Fire” was “contrived, awful and slightly frightening!”

Enter the blog band-aid.

“Who knew I had so much influence and that my words and opinion mattered so much to so many people!?” Aiken wrote.

“I hope no one actually believed that blood truly poured forth from my ears when I heard [Lambert sing]…He does what he does, because he enjoys it, and he obviously has many fans who enjoy it as well,” Aiken continued.

“I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn’t give a damn!”

We’re sure not a blue hair was ruffled on Lambert’s head.


(Photo: Splash News)

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