Cindy Crawford’s Husband Sued for Sexual Harassment; Flashback to Past Accusations

Oh no he didn’t! Cindy Crawford’s husband Rande Gerber is being sued for sexual harassment by a pair of former employees. This isn’t the first time his fidelity has been called in question.

On March 11, Shelly Scott and Gillian Walker filed a civil suit with the San Diego Superior Court. Gerber’s establishment After Midnight, his business partnership, and another man was also named in the papers. According to reports, the two waitresses claim they were fired from the restaurant after refusing the advances of Gerber and the other managers there.

Gerber has grabbed headlines for his claimed extra-marital dalliances before. In 2004, Harmony Kubiak– a waitress who worked at Gerber’s W Hotel in New Orleans- went public about her evening with him.

“Every time he came to the bar, we got more and more flirty, but everyone knew he was married to Cindy Crawford, and I never expected it to go beyond flirting,” Kubiak recalled. Meeting again during one of her shifts, Gerber got Kubiak excused from work early and the pair hit up Rick’s Cabaret strip club with some pals, kissing as she sat in his lap, according to Kubiak. He later invited her to his hotel room but after some steamy making out, but Kubiak says she left.

“He was obviously disappointed, but he didn’t make a huge deal of it,” she said. “I’m afraid if Cindy is under the impression that she has a faithful husband and she’s his only intimate partner- then maybe she should have a reality check.” Gerber denied Kubiak’s claims.

(Photo: WENN)

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