Carrie Prejean: More Racy Photos Could Surface

Miss California Carrie Prejean said more racy pictures could surface of her, in a joint appearance with Miss USA pageant head Donald Trump on The Today Show Wednesday.

Prejean, who again said that her exposed breasts in leaked online pictures was the result of a “wardrobe malfunction,” told host Matt Lauer that photographer Dominic Petruzzi was the shutterbug who leaked the accidental-nudity-laced pics.

Trump, a day removed from announcing he would be keeping the 21-year-old San Diego native installed as the pageant’s Golden State representative, joked to Matt Lauer that she was suing Petruzzi. She’s not.

When Lauer asked her if any more nude pics of the 21-year-old Christian college student would be surfacing online, Prejean said, only if photographers she has worked with in the past decide they want to capitalize on her new-found fame (there must have been a lot of windy days in San Diego, right Carrie?).

Trump emphasized that, even if more were to surface, Prejean’s spot as Miss California USA will remain safe. He said the pageant’s rules did not exist in a bubble and criteria changes reflective to the times.

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