Bruce Willis Dishes With Dave About New Trophy Wife

Bruce Willis talked to David Letterman Wednesday about the hottest new plaything in his life — and it ain’t Twitter.

Discussing his recent nuptials to gorgeous Maltese model Emma Heming, the 54-year-old “Sixth Sense” star joked with Letterman about the couple’s May-December age difference.

“She’s a little younger, she turns 18 in about two weeks,” Willis said .

Willis told the late night host that he originally spotted the 30-year-old Heming working out at a gym he frequents and, at first sight, said: “Wow! Who is that!'”

He said that through a mutual friend, trainer Gunnar Peterson, they made acquaintance. He said that the pair shared only a friendship at first, as Heming was in a relationship and Willis doesn’t steal other guys’ girls. 

Three years later, Willis said, he learned Heming was available, the two went on a date, and the rest is history.

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