BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears Wants Her Former Friends to Pay Her Legal Fees

Britney Spears – and that means the Conservatorship of the Person and Estate of – is headed back into court to try and collect the cost of defending itself against the pop star’s former pals.

Earlier this year, a Los Angeles County Judge issued restraining orders against her former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, manager Sam Lutfi and attorney Jon Eardley.  Lutfi and Eardley both unsuccessfully challenged the restraining orders.  Now the Conservatorship wants the bad guys to pony up for the legal fees it incurred.  It is asking the Los Angeles County Superior Court to request that the “Respondents” pay it the following amounts:  Ghalib, $70,6678.80; Lutfi, $121,655.42; and Eardley, $128,287,23.

A hearing on the request is on calendar for this Friday. will be there.

(Photo: WENN)


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