Brad Pitt Skewers Mel Gibson Over DUI

Notorious prankster Brad Pitt, fond of tricking actor pals like George Clooney and Matt Damon, found a new target at Saturday night’s Guy’s Choice Awards.

The Spike TV show, celebrating all things manly, was held in Los Angeles and featured an hysterical appearance by controversy king Mel Gibson. The actor paraded on stage mocking his Bravheart persona, in
efforts to present a Guy’s Choice award to Fight Club stars Pitt and Edward Norton.

When Pitt came to accept his prize (an introduction into the Guy Hall of Fame), he greeted Gibson with, “Thanks, Sugar T**s!”

When Gibson was notoriously busted for a DUI in Malibu, Ca. in 2006, he allegedly baited a female office by saying, “What are you looking at, sugar t**s?”

(Photo: Getty Images)

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