This Week's Man-Chic Madness

The metro-sexual blather is so passé and now we just accept that men – can and do – have style!  Bomber leather jackets, paperboy caps, tailored suit-coats, embellished boots, and all – the manly men of Hollywood are picking up the latest trends and fashioning some pretty fab accessories!

Lenny Kravitz worked a man-purse and zippy hip boots in Paris. Brad Pitt,  in a black bomber coat, was caught toting a Burberry bag at the airport. Kellan Lutz styled it up sharply in a tailored suit-jacket with a  matching knit cap, and Russell Brand worked his rocker-guy, Brit trendy-mess style!

The ladies may be fashionistas, but these studs are fashioneers! Touché!

(Photo: Splash News)

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