Tyrese Gibson’s Estranged Wife Wants More $$$

Tyrese Gibson and his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson were only married for less than a year, and have a daughter together, but Norma is quickly running up very high legal fees.

In court documents, Norma is requesting an additional $80k for her attorney’s, even though on March 9th, she was awarded $65k by the judge.

Norma believes that Tyrese makes $250k a month — no wonder she is fighting! She is currently receiving almost $6300 in support, and Tyrese is also paying the rent for Norma’s apartment, which is about $2700 a month. Norma also claims that she spends $500 a month for infant classes for their daughter. She also states she spends $2k per month entertainment, clothes, and groceries.

Tyrese’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan has fired back at Norma’s request in a declaration that says, “Petitioner has taken steps to ensure that attorney’s fee are kept at a minumum. Despite these efforts, respondent is still requesting additional attorney’s fees less than two months of being awarded $65k for attorney and accounting fees.”

Norma is also fighting the validity of the pre-nup, and a trial date is set for August to determine if the pre-nup is valid.

Click here to read the court documents.

(Photo: Wenn)

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