Tyra Testifies Against Stalker

Tyra Banks took the witness stand Wednesday in New York at the trial of 38-year-old Brady Green, who is accused of stalking her. Banks told the judge that as a result of his harassment, she fears for her safety.

Banks also testified that she fears for the safety of her staff, her family and anyone who is with her. As a result, she said she has been forced to hire security because she is afraid to be alone.

Green has allegedly threatened to kill one of her employees for refusing to give him tickets to her show.

Saying that Green is “more aggressive” than the usual fan, she added that while she doesn’t fear for her life, “I fear for my safety. I fear for my staff and for the people in my vicinity.”

Green’s lawyer during cross examination denied that his client ever called or emailed Tyra and said Green never threatened her or members of her staff.

Green faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted. (Photo: Splash News)

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