Sharon Stone’s Secret Civil Lawsuit Revealed

Among the many perks offered to the famous, actress Sharon Stone has inadvertently called attention to one such controversial bonus–secrecy in messy legal matters.

According to court papers, Stone, age 51, has been embroiled in a civil lawsuit with her former entertainment lawyer William P. Jacobson since last November, for which documents and proceedings have been sealed and kept in extreme secrecy.

The level confidentiality given to Stone’s case resemble that of National Security issues, reports say.

While public information advocates and media have been trying to access case information (the official case number yields no results in public search tools), details were finally released today.

Jacobson is suing Stone for the monies owed when he represented her for several business deals in 2008, among them an acting contract and a perfume spokesmanship with Christian Dior.

Jacobson is asking for $107,500 (plus interest) in damages for breach of contract. A settlement has reportedly been reached but may be appealed.

(Photo: PR Photos)

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