Rob Lowe Nanny Lawsuit Ruling Not What You Thought It Was!

Rob Lowe’s ongoing battle with former nanny Laura Boyce did NOT take a sudden turn in the actor’s favor yesterday, despite erroneous reports on a court proceeding.

One report trumpeted that the judge in the case rejected Boyce’s argument that her confidentiality agreement was invalid.

Not so, says attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Boyce. “The judge did not say that the confidentiality agreement was valid or invalid,” Allred wrote in a statement. “The validity of the agreement would be decided at a later time.”

She also noted: “The ruling simply allows the Lowes to proceed with their lawsuit against Boyce.”

But Boyce is also suing the Lowes and Allred writes: “We are very happy that we are able to proceed with our numerous allegations against the Lowes on behalf of Laura Boyce.”

Click here to see court paper!

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