Rep: Farrah Has Hope

A producer who works with Farrah Fawcett says she has hope as she battles cancer. The producer, as well as Fawcett’s personal physician, have both just released statements about her condition. broke the story that the actress, 62, has been hospitalized in Los Angeles since last Thursday. Her current treatment is the latest setback in her long battle with cancer, first diagnosed in 2006.

As previously reported, Fawcett recently returned from Germany where she had experimental stem-cell treatment.

“On Farrah Fawcett’s behalf, I can confirm that she recently checked into a Los Angeles hospital,” the producer says in a statement released to People.

“Farrah has hope, and she hopes that others will continue to hold onto theirs,” her producer says. He also says Farrah wants to thank her fans who have “offered their constant support throughout her fight, as well as out of concern for the countless other cancer patients who have written her over the last two-and-a-half years in order to tell her that they are following her story in the hope that there is hope.”

Meanwhile, Fawcett’s physician, who regularly consults with her doctors in Germany (where she sought treatment), says the actress recently had a small procedure in Germany and left for the airport soon after because she was anxious to come home.

In a statement, the physician says: “She (Farrah) took a nine-hour flight right after that procedure. It turned out that the procedure caused a small amount of bleeding in one of the muscles of her abdomen, making a hematoma, which was quite painful….   And that pain, which was coming from the hematoma, had nothing directly to do with the cancer.” (Photo: Splash News)

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