Redmond O’Neal Arraignment Continued

Redmond O’Neal’s arraignment relating to his arrest on a felony drug possession charge has been continued until April 29th.

O’Neal — the son of  70’s Hollywood royalty Ryan O’ Neal and Farrah Fawcett — was expected to enter a plea today at the Santa Clarita Courthouse in California.

Instead, the hearing was postponed.

The felony drug possession charge stems from his April 5 arrest on suspicion of bringing heroin onto the grounds of a Los Angeles area jail facility where a friend of his was in custody.

In court Friday, O’Neal wore a prison brown jumpsuit and was handcuffed. Sources close to Redmond tell, “Redmond’s attorney, William Slattery is hoping the judge will move this case from Newhall to the LAX Airport Court where all of Redmond’s other cases are. It just makes sense to have everything together with one judge.”

Instead of being sentenced to hard-time, O’Neal –who has a history of drug offenses — is expected to sentenced to a stringent drug rehab program on April 30th.

Neither Redmond’s father nor his mother — who is battling cancer – were in court today for the hearing.


(Photo: Splash News)

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