NEW PHOTO: Cancer Survivor Christina Applegate Snapped Smoking

It’s a photo that may surprise a lot of people.

Actress Christina Applegate — who underwent a double mastectomy last year after doctors discovered she had an early form of breast cancer — is snapped smoking a cigarette in Hollywood on Wednesday.

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Applegate, 37, has said she is now cancer-free.

Experts say Applegate is sending a bad message by smoking.

Dr. Christine Horner, M.D., a leading authority on breast cancer from Taos, New Mexico and author of Waking the Warrior Goddess: How to Protect and Fight Breast Cancer says: “She should absolutely stop smoking. Studies have shown a direct association between smoking and increased risk of breast cancer. A recent study showed that teenagers who smoke have a 50 percent increase in getting breast cancer. The longer you smoke, the more your risk of contracting breast cancer increases. And since she’s already genetically prone to the disease, smoking is even more dangerous.” (Photo: INF)

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