‘New Moon’ Actor Gets Star Treatment in London

Reminding us all that Twilight love is rampant the world over, New Moon addition Jamie Campbell Bower is already getting the star treatment in his native London.

Fans tracked the actor, cast as Caius in the vampire sequel, to recent gig by his band The Darling Buds in London’s Camden neighborhood.

Check out our full gallery of fan pics.

Twilight Devotee Laura tells us that Campbell Bower rocked the house (which seems to be a trend for males in the franchise), and also rocked some low-sitting denim.

“He was playing the guitar like nobody’s business,” Laura says, “[but} I really wanted him to pull up his jeans!”

Despite the plumber wardrobe, the young star (of Sweeney Todd fame) graciously posed for fan pictures after his set.

“He seemed really flattered…like, ‘Wow, I’m really famous.'”

(Photo: hiscrookedsmiles.blogspot.com)

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