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For all the NASCAR hard-core frans out there the new Wii“NASCAR KART RACING” from EA Games will get you revved. Chose your favorite NASCAR driver (Jeff Gordon?) and some fictional rivals (Bobby Backfire?)  and drive to win on the treacherous track. 






Some fun features include:

Stay “In The Zone”

Fill your boost meter to trigger a speed burst or slingshot around the track with the help of your teammate in a race for the checkered flag.

Power-Up To Make The Pass

Yellow-flag the competition, throw an oil slick, launch a rocket, and more as you work your way past the field.

Set Your Sights On The Championship

The competition has taken control of all tracks – now it’s up to you and a teammate to beat each duo and take ‘em back.

With improved graphics, track layouts, and different levels, it’s the most challenging racing game out there.

Outside of a few draw backs such as too many “power ups”, and not

enough driver’s views, any game that lets you win as Dale Earnhardt JR is worth the $39.95.