MUSIC VIDEO: Sexy Singer Who Claims She’s Mel’s Gal

OK… so we already told you that Oksana Pochepa is NOT the “Oksana” who’s Mel Gibson‘s girlfriend.

Pochepa –a sexy 24-year old Russian pop singer — claims she’s Mel’s lady love, but we’re not buying it.

Maybe she just wants the free press, but we don’t care. Heck,it gives us an excuse to show her sexy music video.

Think Britney Spears –parading in a schoolgirl outfit in Baby One More Time — circa 1998.

And, after youwatch Pochepa’s music video ( and take a cold shower) check out our story on Mel’s REAL Oksana and see the photos of their beach romp in Costa Rica.

Did we mention Mel’s getting a divorce?

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