MObama Is Immortalized In Wax, And She's Wearing Some Random Red Dress


Ok, what were they thinking? When they finally revealed Michelle Obama‘s wax figure this week, she’s wearing a belted red dress inspired by the purple Maria Pinto she donned on the campaign trail. We asked our snoopy Online Fashion Editor, Michelle Madhok, at, what was up:

“ I suspect the color intended to be purple, but the guy in charge of mixing the dye screwed up big time and they had to come up with some last minute excuse for why the dress is now bright cherry red.

When they announced that the First Lady would be eternally bound in wax, I had hoped they would put her in an exact replica of one of the style icon’s memorable outfits. Hmm, something’s fishy here.

Regardless, the frock itself is classy, and if you’d like to replicate the look, pair this D&G Tank Dress ($295) with a black woven belt ($89).

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