Mandy Moore Drops the F Bomb and Her Clothes

Mandy Moore obviously doesn’t care to protect her girl-next-door image. Just before her wedding to alt-country singer Ryan Adams, Moore posed in racy lingerie for Details and gave the magazine a profanity-laced, honest interview.

Moore, who just released a new album called Amanda Leigh, showed up to the interview with unkempt, messy hair, wearing motorcycle boots and a vintage dress, her “enormous” engagement ring on her finger. And when she sat down with the reporter at a diner and ordered a milkshake and fries, she defended her high-calorie meal. “It’s okay to have a milk shake…it is!” she insisted. “Whatever! Who f***king cares?”

The singer also had no qualms about bashing her former teeny-bopping music career, which she’s called “crappy” and “trite” in the past. “I was just told to show up and what to sing,” she said. “That was late-nineties pop music for you.”

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But traces of her goody-two-shoes reputation shined through. Before digging into her fries, Moore reached into her purse for lavender-infused hand sanitizer. “I’m a germ-phobe when I meet a lot of people I shake a lot of hands,” she said. Nice to know some parts of Moore’s squeaky-clean image remain!

(Photo: Details Magazine)

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