Lydia Hearst: The Star’s Silver Shimmy Shake & Superglue Magic

If you don’t know her by face, she will show you by wardrobe, Lydia Hearst is a star and a model too! One of the many Hearst heiresses running around Manhattan society, Lydia has made quite a name for herself as a model and former muse to Heatherette designers Richie Rich and Traver Raines.

Sashaying her way into Nylon‘s 10th anniversary party in New York last night, Lydia was a cross between a New Year’s Eve ball and a glitterati diner in Las Vegas, but it worked for her.  While we wish she didn’t have her hair plastered to her head, we love the the sparkle, shimmer, and confidence the young vixen exudes.  Lydia previously told a reporter that she superglues her feet into her shoes when on the runway, so as to avoid falling out of the shoe. 

Already a Hearst Heiress, this model has major dedication. Certainly, though, she has the cash for corrective pedicures!

(Photo: Splash)

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