‘Lost’ Star Hit with Sexual Harassment Suit

Though ABC’s Lost is usually shrouded in mystery, the writing is on the wall for one of its stars and several higher-ups after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed late Friday afternoon.

Chelsea Stone, a production employee on the cult phenomenon in 2007, is pressing charges again Lost’s production company Grass Skirt for wrongful termination, and sexual battery charges against actor Henry Ian Cusick. (who plays Desmond).

Her account of Cusick’s alleged abuse (beginning October 16, 2007) says the actor placed his hands on her buttocks then caressed her back while making moaning sounds, then “placed his face on top of [Stone’s] breasts, moving his face from side to side.”

After filing complaints with her superiors, Stone says production members grew hostile with her–leading to her termination on October 28 of ’07.

Stone is suing for loss of earning plus injuries, as well as damages for physical sickness and stress.

Cusick, 42, is married with three sons.



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