Live From New York, Its Naked Zac Efron!

Zac Efron, discussing his stint hosting Saturday Night Live on The Late Show with David Letterman, told the talk show host about the frenetic nature of headlining the variety show.

“After doing it one time,” Efron said, “I have so much respect for anyone that has been on that show and pulled off a single skit, because [the pace] is just insane.”

The handsome 21-year-old described the costume changes that take place after each skit.  “After each skit, someone rips you offstage,” he told Letterman. “I mean, literally, in 30 seconds, you’ve completely changed outfits … they’re like eight seconds until you’re on — and you’re still butt naked! … believe it or not, but by the time you’ve got one second, you’re fully dressed again.”

“Sounds like a party at my house,” Letterman quipped.

17 Again hits theatres this Friday.

See Zac Efron in the latest issue of GQ magazine.

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