Lawyer Asking to Cross-Examine Britney

A thorn in the side of Britney Spears‘ camp, Jon Eardley– who claims he represented the pop singer- just won’t go away despite her father Jamie‘s temporary restraining order against him. Eardley has filed a motion with the court formally requesting that Spears attend a hearing on April 21 so that Eardley can cross examine her.

In the court documents, Eardley states, “If Britney Spears is well enough to put on two concerts in Los Angeles [in the past, she has been deemed by the court to be mentally incompetent to participate in any legal proceedings], she is certainly well enough to attend a trial where attorneys on her behalf have falsely accused Jon Eardley of harassment and elder abuse.”

Click here to check out the court documents!

(Photo via Wenn)

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