Larry King To Levi Johnston: “Did Sex Occur In The House?”

Larry King didn’t hesitate to pepper his guest Wednesday, Levi Johnston, with a series of prying questions in attempts to learn more about the young stallion’s sexual romps with the teenage daughter of Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

The non-assuming Johnston, looking like the younger incarnation of Donny Osmond, said once again that he thought that Bristol Palin’s parents, the Republican vice presidential candidate and her husband Todd, likely knew the couple was engaging in intercourse under their roof.

When King asked the father of the governor’s grandson, Tripp, “Did sex occur in their house?,” Johnston responded, “You know Larry, I’m a gentleman and I don’t kiss and tell … I don’t think that really matters.”

Johnston told King he agrees with a statement Bristol made to Fox News — in contrast with her mother’s political sentiments — that abstinence is an unrealistic burden to impose on hormone-crazed teens.

“I’ think all teens or most, for the most part, are sexually active,” he said.

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