Jennifer Lopez Plays Bad Cop with Kids

While she may make the world smile with romantic comedies and dance tracks, Jennifer Lopez is all bad cop when it comes to raising kids. caught up with Lopez pal Leah Remini at Saturday’s celebration of the Natural Resource Defense Council in Los Angeles, where she tells us J Lo lays down the law with little ones.

“Jennifer puts her foot down. You should see [Lopez and Remini’s daughter Sofia]” having an argument, it’s hysterical.”

Remini told us about a recent playdate with Sofia and Lopez’s one-year-old son Max.

“Max is starting to bite because he¹s just getting teeth and Jennifer will say ‘Max, no biting,’ and Sofia said ‘You don’t tell babies not to bite.'”

Lopez wans’t having it. She told little Sofia that Max can’t bite or “he’s going to hurt his sister!'”

Conversely, Remini is a total softie when it comes to Lopez’s Max and twin sister Emme.

“[I] let them do whatever they want. When I go over there I take all her Tupperware out of her kitchen, get it all on the floor.”

Babies amused by Tupperwear? Looks like love really doesn’t cost a thing.

(Photos: Pr Photos)

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