Jennifer Hudson to Fan: “I Don’t Want You to Cry”

Oscar- and Grammy-winning Jennifer Hudson — just four months removed from the brutal slayings of her mother, brother and nephew — said she is moved by the empathy fans have shown her in the wake of the tragedy last fall.

The 27-year-old star told Entertainment Weekly magazine of a recent experience meeting an emotional fan.

“The other day this lady came up to me and got really close to me and I thought, ‘What is it that makes people want to … embrace me?’ I don’t like it when people get all emotional. I don’t want you to cry,” Hudson said. “To see that love from fans [is] one of the most beautiful things.”

Though she has not spoken publicly on the topic of the killings, she implied in the interview that her faith — and a non-stop schedule — have gotten her through recent tough times.

“This is what I love to do, and I hate to sit still. I have been active for the past four or five years, and to be working like that and then to just stop and all you hear is the clock ticking — that will drive you crazy.”

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