Jay Leno Speaks: “I’m Fine”

Moments before release from a Burbank, Ca. hospital on Friday,comedian Jay Leno kept an appointment to interview with a Tennessee newspaper where he discussed his 24-hour stay.

“I’m fine,” Leno told the Knoxville Sentinel, “when you’re the cash cow for the network, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, you have to stay (in the hospital) overnight.”

The network isn’t the only interested party.

“One guy here tried to sneak in (dressed) as a Jesuit priest. It’s hilarious,” Leno said of reporters attempting to get status updates on his health.

He dismisses internet speculation as “ridiculous” that major health problems are in play, yet would not clarify his reason for checking in.

The 58-year-old returns to work on Monday.


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