Jamie Foxx Apologizes To Miley, Talks Near-Death Experience

Actor/singer Jamie Foxx is apologizing for derogatory comments he made about Disney darling Miley Cyrus .

On his satellite radio show last weekend, Foxx said:  “Who is Miley Cyrus? The one with all the gums? She need to get a gum transplant!” he said, mocking the young singer-actress. “Make a sex tape and grow up! Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan … and get some crack in your pipe … that’s what I want.”

Listen to Jamie Foxx’s Tirade Against Miley

Foxx was contrite about his sharp words while talking with Jay Leno in an appearance on the Tonight Show Tuesday night.

“We go at everybody,” Foxx said. “There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said,” he said. “I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart.”

Foxx also talked about a turbulent Las Vegas-bound flight he chartered with fellow music impresario Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

“I almost died, almost crashed on the way to Vegas,” Foxx told Leno about the flight, which took place on his December 13 birthday.

Foxx, 41, said the plane was careening so violently, he could see the ground through the pilot’s window at one point during the flight.

He told Leno that another passenger didn’t exactly have the most comforting words for him during the stressful moments.

“A  20-year-old girl told me,” Foxx said, “last time I flew, we almost died.”

Thankfully, the plane landed safely, cause the world is a better place with Foxx in it.

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