Jack Nicholson Lawsuit: Pay The Joker!

Jack Nicholson says Hollywood producer Mark Canton can’t handle the truth — and the truth, according to Jack, is that Canton owes him more than $1.2 million.

Canton, a Hollywood production exec, has defaulted on a loan Jack bought from a bank, according to a lawsuit The Joker filed against him on Friday.

The suit alleges Canton agreed to pay back Jack by July 31, 2008 but didn’t. It also states: “Canton agreed to pay interest on the outstanding unpaid amount at the annual rate of 8%. Canton has only paid $1,781.27 in principal interest through September 2008. There remains due $1,200,000 in principal and $48,000 in interest. Canton has failed and continues to fail, to pay the amount due under the Reimbursement Agreement.”

Nicholson is demanding a jury trial, recovery of money owed to him including including interest, and attorney’s fees.

(Photo: Splash News)

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