He’s Bringing Sexy Back … To Pennsylvania Avenue

Let’s be honest: its been a good while since we’ve been able to check out our commander-in-chief (Sorry, George).

That’s not the case anymore.

President Barack Obama, with looks and charm last seen in the Oval Office when Marilyn Monroe was doing birthday serenades — is featured in a new light in next month’s edition of The Washingtonian: pinup model.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Garrett Graff, said that the cover shot is a showcase of a revitalizing, youth-infused shift the new president has brought to the city.

“It’s a unique time in Washington,” he said. “And this photo helps capture all of the reasons why … it’s not a normal way to look at a president of the United States, but this is not a normal president.”

Change — we’re all for it, baby.

(Cover courtesy of Washingtonian Magazine)

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