Halle Berry Is Done with Marriage

With a picture perfect family, Halle Berry seems to have it all: the career, the model beau, the beautiful house, and the adorable baby.  One thing the actress has had enough of though is marriage.

“No. I’m done,” Berry told Harper’s Bazaar. “Also, I happened to find a person who feels done too, and he’s never even been married before. So it works.” Berry has been married twice: to baseball player David Justice and then to musician Eric Benet.

Though she and her partner Gabriel Aubrey won’t be walking down the aisle, they are expecting at least one more trip to the delivery room. “Yes [I want more children]. My pregnancy was amazing,” she said. “I was happy that whole time, I felt good, I had energy, I was like Superwoman.”

While she surely doesn’t have to do much to conjure up some heat in their relationship, Berry does have some tricks up her sleeve. When the two play golf- Aubrey’s go-to pastime- the actress dials up the sex factor a notch. “I don’t wear plaid. I look really good in short, low golf skirts though,” she admits. “I try to add some spice.”

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