Forbes: Susan Boyle Likely Future Multimillionaire

Susan Boyle had her moment in the sun — now its time to get paid.

The 48-year-old YouTube sensation (20 million hits and counting in four days) captured the world’s attention in Rupert Pupkin-esque fashion with an unexpectedly brilliant performance on UK variety show Britain’s Got Talent. She could be in line to earn as much as $7.5 million in the next two years via record deals and endorsements, according to Forbes Magazine.

“She has a voice that appeals to a lot people, while her background and appearance work in her favor,” publicist Max Clifford. “She would be the most unlikely star of 2009.”

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James Herring, managing partner of celebrity management agency Taylor Herring, told the magazine that the Boyle’s appearance and demeanor can only work in her favor in marketing the singer to the masses.

“She should do very well,” he said. “There is a large record-buying audience who will want to see her do well and advertising brands that would see her story as an interesting alignment with the kind of message they are trying to send out.”

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