Five In Car, Three Ejected in Aldridge Accident has learned new details from Casey Aldridge‘s Sunday morning car wreck–5 total passengers suffered the crash and police tell us they do not suspect drinking or drugs were involved.

Louisiana State Trooper Mark Dennis tells RadarOnline that Aldridge, 19, swerved his 2008 Ford F-250 to the right side of La. Highway 606, and then over-corrected the vehicle causing it to careen to the left into a ditch.

“Five people total [in the vehicle],” Dennis said, “three were ejected from the car.”

Dennis confirms that all passengers save Casey denied emergency treatment on the scene.

“Aldridge was not tested by Troopers,” Dennis said of a blood alcohol level check, “Troopers had no reason to believe he had been drinking or taking any sort of drugs.”

At the scene Casey’s injuries were classified as moderate, but the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ child isn’t out of the woods yet.

RadarOnline reported earlier that he may have to undergo surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. Check back for the latest details on his medical progress and case updates.



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