Fired Naked Cheerleading Coach On Whistleblower Mom

Carlie Beck — the  sexy high school cheerleading coach fired for posing nude in Playboy — is speaking out about the “whistleblower” who cost her her job.

Beck –appearing on FOX and Friends on Friday– says she doesn’t understand why a mother, whose daughter didn’t make her cheerleading team, would report her to the principal at Casa Robles High School in Orangevale, California for her naked spread.

Since students can be disclipined for posting racy pictures of themselves on the internet, Beck was asked if she should be held up to the same standards as the kids.

Refering to the Playboy pictorial, Beck said: “I think the difference is that it’s completely legal… whereas a minor putting racy photographs on MySpace is not.”

Beck also said she believed she should be judged on whether she was a good cheerleading coach. She also says she does believe she’s a good role model and is currently looking into other coach opportunities.

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