EXCLUSIVE: Woman Thanks Demi For Saving Her Life

The Northern California woman who was saved by Demi Moore and the Twitter community from committing suicide tells RadarOnline exclusively: “I’m eternally grateful to her for helping me.”

The woman, known on Twitter as “Sandie Guy”, explained that she “never expected” so much support after she posted her emotional S.O.S. online.

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Moore, after receiving messages via the social networking site that “Sandie Guy” was going to cut her arm with a knife and was “wondering if anyone cares that I’m going to kill myself right now”, posted the disturbing situation on her website which prompted some of her 380,000 followers to reach out to authorities in San Jose who responded quickly.

“I’ve always been a fan of Demi Moore and she did an excellent job in helping me and she deserves a lot of praise,” the woman says. “I would also like to thank Daniel Morton, the original Twitter user that reached out to me and everyone else on the network that offered their support.”

Moving forward, she is receiving professional help from Suicide.org.

“I’m really grateful that so many people helped me during a time of need.”

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