EXCLUSIVE: Swine Flu Hits New York Teachers

Hundreds of students at St. Francis Prep high school in Queens, New York have fallen sick, and authorities are concerned their illness is linked to swine flu, and now, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that in addition to the children becoming ill, at least 8 teachers have come down with symptoms related to the fast-moving virus. These are some of the first cases of adults that have come down with the flu.

In light of the new cases the school has decided to close down for the rest of the week.

A teacher at the school told RadarOnline.com, “Most of the children are on the road to getting better, but this outbreak by fellow teachers convinced the school authorities that it would be close the school until most of the infected students and now faculty get better.  They do not want to reopen and start this all over again.” 

The teacher went on to say that news trucks have been at the school for the last few days and that it is unnerving to people at the school.

In Mexico, more than 150 deaths have been linked to the swine flu outbreak. In the United States, a 23-month-old toddler from Texas has died from the disease, becoming the first confirmed fatality outside of Mexico. The child was Mexican and had come to the States for treatment. (Photo: Landov)

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