Exclusive: Octo-Mom Wants to Sue Over New House

Octo-Mom is raising the roof over her new house.

Stressed out and acting erratically, Nadya Suleman has a new problem to deal with – the roof on her four-bedroom home is seriously compromised, an Octo-Pal told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

The roof looks fine from the outside, but people close to Nadya claim it’s missing an entire wood layer, so that it is just tile over slats, with no plywood and no tar paper.

That, says Team-Octo, invariably leads to leaks and now everyone is concerned there is mold behind a bathroom wall, creating a potentially dangerous situation for everyone living in the house.

“Nadya’s furious and wants to sue,” says her Octo-Pal.

No court papers have been drawn up yet.

(Photo: Splash News)

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