EXCLUSIVE: Nutritionist to the Stars Weighs in on Lindsay Lohan’s Shrinking Frame

Are new pictures of a noticeably thinner Lindsay Lohan, who has visibly dropped pounds since her split with longtime girlfriend Samantha Ronson, cause for concern?

View more photos of the shrinking starlet.

This weekend, the flame-haired starlet was snapped in an itty-bitty white bikini while vacationing in Hawaii, looking gaunt.  And just last week, she showed off a set of protruding ribs as she shopped in Los Angeles.

RadarOnline.com asked Christine Avanti, celeb nutritionist and author of Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads, to weigh in on Lindsay’s super-slim figure.  Avanti says stress—stemming from life events like a rough breakup—can induce weight loss. “A lot of times, when someone has a lot of stress or anxiety, they’ll tend to have a lot of adrenaline flowing through their bodies,” she said, “and the adrenaline rush increases fat burning.”

Avanti estimates that Lohan, who stands around 5’5”, weighs between 105 and 107 pounds. “But you know,” she added, “for what she’s gone through, you can’t blame her.” She also guesses that the actress’ body fat percentage is around 13 percent. “When people get to 12 and below,” she said, “that’s time for concern.” 

So what advice would Avanti share with Lohan? Enjoy food, don’t avoid high-fat foods, and “dive into” her cravings. “If she was a client of mine, I’d say: ‘Lindsay, have at it.’ What would be most important for her is to put on some muscle and body fat,” Avanti said. “I’d encourage [her] eating ice cream, fettucine alfredo–whatever she wanted.”

(Photo: Bauer Griffin)

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