EXCLUSIVE: Miss California Granny Says Carrie Lost Because She Didn’t Believe In Gay Marriage!

Jeanette Coppola, the firecracker 89-year-old grandmother of Miss California Carrie Prejean, speaks exclusively with RadarOnline.com about how she still thinks Carrie is “Real happy” but she thinks Carrie should have won the title.  “I can’t understand why you would lose your prize because you didn’t believe in the gay marriage,” Jeanette says.

Grandma thinks the results were unfair “She would have won if Perez wasn’t on the panel.” But she does reach out an olive branch to Perez, saying “When I go to the Chippendale’s I will give you a call!”

Jeanette reveals to RadarOnline.com that Carrie and Donald Trump met today in New York but that she “Doesn’t think it will help her, she already said what she said.”

And as for the Michael Phelps story?  Jeanette tells RadarOnline.com that while she hasn’t met the Olympic champion that Carrie is not engaged to him but they are friends!!

But don’t worry about her future, Grandma tells Radaonline.com that Carrie has more calls for jobs than probably the winner of the crown!

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