EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson’s Wife’s Post-Separation Shopping Spree

With possibly half of $900 million coming her way in her impending divorce from Mel Gibson, Robyn Moore won’t be hurting for cash but RadarOnline.com has learned that she may have already had a fall-back plan. While she only recently filed for divorce, Gibson’s wife of 28 years has been on the road to her independence since their separation in 2006, buying up a handful of properties in her name in the past three years.

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In 2007, she bought four properties- two in Agoura, Calif., one in Las Vegas, and one in Santa Clarita, Calif. In 2008, she bought another house in Las Vegas and one in Malibu. While half of the houses boast modest sizes (either two or three bedroom/one to three baths), the other half are more impressive. The Malibu spread has six bedrooms and five baths, one of the Agoura houses has five bedrooms and five baths, and the Santa Clarita home as six bedrooms and six baths.

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Former Hollywood wife to budding real-estate tycoon? Not a bad transition!

(Photo: Retna)

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