EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Meltdown! Chugging Vodka After Breakup with Sam

She’s melting down – again.

Suddenly single Lindsay Lohan was chugging vodka and crying about her breakup with Samantha Ronson at h.wood club in Los Angeles Monday night, RadarOnline.com reports exclusively.

The rehab graduate grabbed a bottle of Belvedere vodka sitting on her table, turned away from other party-goers, and chugged it. Her mother Dina was sitting at the table at the time.

Lindsay then mixed diet soda and vodka and downed several as the night progressed. La Lohan started the evening at h.wood sitting on a couch and texting. Suddenly she began crying. She finally put down her phone and that’s when the partying began.

Dina, meanwhile, was drinking glasses of white wine. Someone very, very close to the situation lit one of those hand-rolled cigarettes that smelled like burning hemp. Hmm…

Later in the evening, Lindsay, who appears to be losing even more weight, complained to a friend about Sam, saying she didn’t understand what her problem was. She grew more and more upset, eyewitnesses told RadarOnline.com.

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