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EXCLUSIVE: Facebook War Over Craigslist Killer

Philip Markoff is accused of being the “Craigslist Killer” and while police say evidence mounts against him, he still has his supporters, including a Facebook group called “Phil Markoff is Innocent Until Proven Guilty.”

The existence of that group was widely reported yesterday, but now RadarOnline.com has discovered a new twist to the story: A new Facebook group has been formed and is now active, called “Phil Markoff is Guilty as Hell.”

Call it the battle of social networking.

While the Markoff Innocent group says its aim is to rally people “against the media who is quick to place blame, against the culture that has forgotten that people like Phil are suspects, not killers,” the Markoff Guilty group has a far, far different approach.

With 77 members as of midday Friday, sentiment against Markoff is running high. One poster wrote: “If he is innocent, I will dye my hair green, wear a moustache and run naked through the streets of Manhattan.”

That’s typical of the don’t-hold-back approach found on the site.

More post comments include these opinions: “He is so guilty! His girlfriend needs to be thankful she is still alive.”
“Totally guilty! Fiancee in total denial.”

“If I hear one more time that he is being “tried in the media” or “innocent until proven guilty “I’m going to scream!”


(Photo: UPI Photo/Landov)